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History of EFIM

History of EFIM

The European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM) is a scientific organisation founded in 1996 from the Association Européenne de Médicine Interne (AEMI)*. AEMI was founded in 1969 by members of the UEMS monospecialty section on internal medicine to provide a scientific organisation of internal medicine on a European basis. EFIM was formed by bringing together the national societies of internal medicine in each of the European countries, both inside and outside the European Union. EFIM currently comprises 33 member Societies representing over 30,000 internists. *History of (Young) AEMI(E) and the EFIM. UEF Carcassi, JWF Elte, C Davidson Eur J Int Med 2007; 18: 26-30.

The purpose of EFIM is to re-emphasise the importance of Internal Medicine in patient care in a world of increasing specialisation. Since 1997 EFIM has held scientific congresses every 2 years. In 2006 EFIM revised the Bye-Laws to announce that from May 2007 annual congresses will be organised. The European Journal of Internal Medicine (EJIM) is the official journal of EFIM, published by Elsevier There are close links with the European Union through the Monospecialty Committee of UEMS (Union of European Medical Specialists) and with ISIM (International Society of Internal Medicine).